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For assistance pairing your GlobalPods follow the instructions as followed.

  1.  When you receive your GlobalPods™ please unbox the pair and charge the case for at least 1 hour. The case is charging when the red light is blinking. 


Your GlobalPods™ have successfully paired and will now auto-connect to your device every time they are pulled out of the case.

Please note that if you bought more than one pair of GlobalPods™, you can only connect one pair of Pods at the same time. During the pairing process, please place all other pairs of GlobalPods™ in the case and close the cover. 

If the Pods have been successfully connected but the light indicator on one of the Pods stays on, then only one of the Pods paired successfully. To fix this, go into the bluetooth settings on your device and clear the connection record. Then put the Pods back into the case and close the cover. Press the charging button, wait about 30 seconds and then repeat the pairing process.